Physiological Performance Testing

What is INSCYD?

INSCYD PPD ‘Virtual Lab’ is an advanced tool to analyse endurance performance and captures all the data you would get in a lab, and more, in a simple field test using power for cycling and pace for running; either on the road or a turbo trainer for cycling or on the trails or track running.

INSCYD creates a full metabolic performance profile of an athlete that includes:

  • VLAmax (glycolytic capacity)
  • VO2max (aerobic capacity)
  • Anaerobic threshold (FTP)
  • Fuel contribution (Fat vs. Carbohydrate combustion rates)
  • Accumulation and recovery of lactate
  • Aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution
  • Fatmax & Carbmax

With this information your coach can further refine your training and improve performance using your unique metabolic profile; progression and performance are pinpointed to a world class level.

INSCYD field testing is comparable with lab accuracy; standard tolerance is on par with state-of-the-art lab testing, e.g. VO2max is within 2.5%, threshold is within 2.2%.  These are in line with the most accurate metabolic carts; without requiring power meter conversions from lab to training equipment. 

Remote testing using PPD:
  • £195 – report with explanation*
  • £270 – report with explanation & consultation to apply to your training.

*Coached riders receive a discount in line with their coaching programme and testing is applied to training; contact your coach for details.

Blood Lactate Testing:

Face to face blood lactate testing with the coach, including run testing, please contact us for details.

More detailed information is available on the INSCYD website