Coaching Programmes

The following coaching programmes are suitable for both cyclists and triathletes; whatever your chosen discipline, level and goal we can accommodate you.  

Individual needs vary so the ‘programme details’ table below represents what will be included in the chosen programme depending on the individual requirements of the athlete; athletes inevitably need more focus on some aspects than others and our coaching accommodates this.

There is no one plan fits all approach to our coaching; we coach the individual.

Performance Programme

This programme is aimed at athletes who wish to improve their race performance and is our longest running programme. Following an initial consultation, including analysis of previous training, the coach will plan training sessions on a weekly basis. There will be reviews of heart rate and/or power files, progress testing and regular coach:athlete communication.

Performance+ Programme

This is for the performance athlete who would like unlimited contact and support from their coach as well as daily monitoring of training so adjustment can be made day to day in response to training.  It includes all the features of the performance programme and, in addition to the unlimited coach contact and adjustments, the athlete will receive Initial INSCYD metabolic performance testing.  If you are looking to get the very best from your performance with unlimited coaching support then this is the plan for you.

Coaching Programme DetailsPerformance
Set up & consultation fee (one off) – Includes initial consultation, athlete profile, goal setting, lifestyle evaluation, interview etc£75£75
Initial detailed athlete profile questionnaire & goals, lifestyle evaluation to establish time available for training, detailed analysis of training history.YY
Initial 1:1/phone/visual call consultation and goal settingYY
Training Peaks Account (*option to upgrade)Basic*Premium
Testing to establish individualised training zonesYY
Initial INSCYD metabolic performance testingNY
Personalised training plan set and updatedWeeklyWeekly & daily
updates as required.
Review of prescribed training sessions and feedbackWeeklyDaily
Plan adjustments (level of adjustment to be explained  & discussed during consultation) *essential changes for illness/injury possible.LimitedUnlimited
Ongoing progress evaluation and testing using WKO5 analytics YY
Coach/athlete communicationRegularUnlimited
Personalised nutrition/hydration strategies for training/racing/target events as appropriateYY
Guidance, as required, about race or goal event preparation, strategy, tactics, etcYY
INSCYD metabolic performance testing – programme discount
*discount from full price.
10% Discount* 20% Discount*
After initial
included test.

Not sure what you need?
We can offer an initial consultation and advice based on the outcomes and discussion; with no obligation to sign up to a programme.