Our Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching is athlete centred and driven by development, performance and athlete welfare.  We believe that, with a good coaching structure, it is possible for everybody to reach their individual potential and have great experiences along the way.  In order to do this we feel it is essential to focus on all components of performance; physical, psychological, technical and tactical.

We feel it is important to consider the individual needs of the rider and seek ongoing input from them in order to ensure both rider and coach are aligned.  We encourage an open and honest relationship and believe effective communication between the rider and coach is vital to the development of the rider.

We bring our own years of experience from many areas of the sport to our coaching.  Underpinning these are sound coaching principles, current exercise science and best practice guidelines.  We strongly believe in fair sport and anti-doping.

We strive to develop and improve our coaching through continuing professional development.  If we don’t know something we will either find out or seek expertise from another professional such as physiotherapists, nutritionists and strength and conditioning coaches.

Our Coaches

Paul Bennett – Head Coach

As an experienced qualified coach, Paul has guided cyclists to numerous national medals, and from 4th Category circuit races to UCI Continental Teams.

Paul’s expertise has shone all the way to the international stage; after leading a British Elite Development Team (PB Performance) for multiple seasons, Paul has also acted as a DS for Team Ireland at the European Road Championships.
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Tom Davies

As an athlete, Tom has gone from ultra-endurance record breaker, to road racer, to elite triathlete.

Now a qualified coach, Tom uses his unparalleled practical experience to guide his approach.
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Louise Bennett

Louise is a qualified triathlon coach, sports massage therapist, and herself an accomplished cyclist and Team GB age group triathlete.

Louise is an accomplished mentor and leader; described by Ofsted as “an Inspirational leader and outstanding teacher” Louise brings this along with huge drive to her coaching.
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And Finally…..

We work closely together as a team for the best outcome for the athlete; we use our complementary skill sets to achieve this.

We can honestly say we have experienced the excitement, disappointment, setbacks, suffering, exhaustion, successes, banter and fun that the emotional roller coaster of sport can bring; this, we hope, helps us fully understand the athletes we work with.