Rider Recruitment 2019 Season

Posted on Sep 5, 2018 in Team PB Performance

We are looking to add to our team for 2019.

Our goal is to support and develop riders at both national and regional levels of racing.

For 2019, our goal remains to support and develop riders on the road to a national level whilst continuing to support and strengthen our existing regional team. As a result, we are looking to recruit riders on two fronts:

Coached Rider Tristan RobbinsNational Development Team:

We are looking to bridge the gap between regional racing and the step up to national level.  For the 2019 season, the team wishes to again support a team of U23 riders who would like to develop further and bridge this gap.

Preferably, riders will be have gained at least their first category license, however applications will be accepted from second category and over 23 riders who can demonstrate appropriate progression and aspiration through their racing or the experience/performance that can support the younger riders and achieve results for the team.

Our passion is the development and education of young riders within a supportive and ethical environment.

The race programme will be a balance of National B and National A races to give a breadth of race opportunities; elite races such as the International Cicle Classic and the Spring Cup Elite Series Races will form part of our calendar and will be supported with team car, mechanic, soigneur and coaching support.

Rider programmes will be individually discussed and tailored maximise results and development.

Team PB Performance 1st & 2nd; Toby Jarvis & Matt KingRegional Team:
At a regional level, we are looking to continue our strong presence and success in the East Midlands Road Race League (EMRRL) and regional races.  These riders may also have the opportunity to join the team at national level races where appropriate opportunities arise following the successful 2018 model.  To ensure a guaranteed six riders in each of the 11 EMRRL rounds we will look to promote a league race again in 2019.  Ideally riders will be based in the Midlands.

As well as the road disciplines, we are also keen to encourage riders in Cyclo-Cross, MTB and track cycling disciplines and support the development of all levels of athlete; beginner to elite.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining our team, please contact Paul Bennett at paul@pb-coaching.com for an application form.